Our Application Process

It is the philosophy of SACS that we exist to partner with Christian families specifically seeking to educate their children in the context of a biblical worldview. As a school founded in Christ, we seek families dedicated to Him and who view God’s Word as central to the education process. Accordingly, SACS offers admission only to families/students who profess to be Christians. San Antonio Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national, or ethnic origin.

Admissions Requirements


All Parents (including joint custodial parents and legal guardians) with whom the student lives, to include step-parents, must be professing Christians with regular family involvement in a Bible believing local church.

SACS is a conservative, evangelical, protestant Christian school, not associated with any local church. Therefore, we are not as concerned about specific church affiliation as we are about one’s relationship with Christ and that there is a growing relationship with Him evidenced by regular family involvement in church. During the interview process, applicants will be asked to share their faith in Christ and their walk with Him.


New students applying for grades 9 – 12 must have a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior with regular involvement in a Bible believing local church.

It is important that the family, church, and school have a unity of spirit about each child’s salvation and maturity in Jesus Christ. It is critical that there is agreement with this philosophy prior to enrolling at SACS.


We exist to partner with Christian parents desiring an environment where congruence can exist for their children between home, church, and school. We expect families and students at SACS to live a life consistent with God’s word. Students must also have a clear desire to want to be a contributing member of our Christian School and faith community.


We require three references: Personal, Academic, and Pastoral. Pastoral references from a family’s home church may be obtained from a lead pastor, an assistant pastor, youth pastor, elder, deacon, or Sunday school teacher who personally knows the parents and student. All three references are obtained through our online application; parents need only provide reference names and email addresses.


SACS provides an academically rigorous college preparatory program. Students must be on grade level as measured by standardized test scores and grades.


Admission to new 12th grade students is only offered to those relocating from out of town and transferring from a Christian school. Seniors are only admitted with approval from the SACS Board of Directors.


By September 1st of each year, children must have reached the following ages in order to apply to our early education program:

  • Pre-Kinder – 4 years old by Sept. 1st
  • Kindergarten – 5 years old by Sept. 1st
  • First Grade – 6 years old by Sept. 1st

Pre-K and Kindergarten applicants must be able to care for their restroom needs independently. There are no exceptions to these requirements.

Step 1 - Online Application

Complete the Online Application which includes the following:

  • Pastoral, Personal, & Academic Reference contacts
  • School Records/Transcript
  • Copy of Official Court Documents (if applicable)
  • Non-refundable application fee of $150 per student

**In order to be considered for first round admission offers in February, your application must be submitted by Dec. 1, 2019.

Step 2 - Assessment & Transcript Review

Early Childhood Assessments

  • Pre-Kinder – These students will participate in an evaluation at our admissions office to determine developmental readiness. The cost is $75.
  • Kinder – 1st – These students will take a developmental and academic assessment at our admissions office to determine grade level readiness. The cost is $75.

The Pre Kinder – 1st grade assessments will be scheduled personally with each family by our Admissions Office.

Grade Level Assessments

  • 2nd – 4th – These students will take an on-campus ERB Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). Assessments will be scheduled once application is complete.
  • 5th – 12th – These students will register for the ERB Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) at www.iseetest.org. The code for San Antonio Christian School is 570931. The ISEE testing fee is $125. We offer the following opportunities for Saturday testing at San Antonio Christian School:
Test Date Registration Deadline
January 11 January 8
February 8 February 5
future dates to be determined

Families will register and pay for the ISEE independently, online. If our testing dates conflict with a student’s availability, families may also choose another San Antonio site that offers ISEE testing (be aware the fees for other testing sites range from $150-$250).

If a high school student has taken standardized testing such as the SAT, ACT, or PSAT, we can accept those scores for admission consideration and thus would not require the ISEE.

Transcript Reviews

  • 9th-12th – Our High School Guidance Department conducts official Transcript Reviews, including report cards and standardized testing (PSAT, Aspire, ACT or SAT). If we do not have this information, an ERB ISEE assessment may be required.
Step 3 - Interview

Once we have received all necessary documents, forms, fees, and test results, the Office of Admission will determine whether the family will be invited for an interview with the Director of Enrollment Management. The interview will be conducted in person at San Antonio Christian School with parents and students. For those applying to Pre-Kinder – 5th grade, the child need not attend. The interview is an opportunity for philosophical compatibility discussions and a question and answer time. Scores from assessments will also be reviewed during the interview. Should your family not be invited for an interview, you will be notified via email of our decision not to offer enrollment to San Antonio Christian School.

Step 4 - Admission Decision

After the interview, the Director of Enrollment will review the student’s entire application and respond via email with one of three decision types: Acceptance, Wait Pool, or Non-Acceptance.

Acceptance – These students are qualified to attend San Antonio Christian School and show promise of not only benefiting from but also contributing to the school. These students are offered enrollment positions. The school’s offer must be accepted or declined by the date specified on the Enrollment Contract. A non-refundable enrollment fee must also be submitted at that time.

Wait Pool – These students are admissible but all available enrollment positions have been filled. Instead of being offered an enrollment position, a wait pool position is offered. Wait pools are NOT prioritized waiting lists; if an opening arises in a grade, the Director of Enrollment and the appropriate Principal will determine which applicant in the wait pool best fills the enrollment position. The wait pool does not carry over from year to year. Placement in the wait pool one year does not influence admission decisions for any following year in which the student reapplies.

Non-Acceptance – These students are not offered enrollment at San Antonio Christian School.

Step 5 - Enrollment

After acceptance, parents will receive an enrollment agreement via email. The following additional documents will be necessary to complete the online enrollment process.

  • Copy of Student Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Immunization Record

Enrollment is complete once the financial contract is signed and the non-refundable enrollment fee is submitted to San Antonio Christian School. The billing office will handle all financial questions and transactions regarding tuition and fee payments from this point forward.

At the point of enrollment, all information needed to make a successful transition to SACS will be provided by the appropriate school division. For high school students, the Guidance Office will set an appointment with parents and students to map out a 4-year course plan.



PLEASE NOTE: We are not an SEVP-certified school, therefore we do not provide the necessary documentation to enroll international or exchange students.

If you have questions, please contact:

Kelly Morlan
Admissions Coordinator
Office: (210) 248-1646
Fax: (210) 340-0461

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