SACS Elementary received $1000 from San Antonio Beautification Society

Earlier this year SACS Elementary published a wish list for the Above and Beyond Annual Fund. One of their wishes was to receiving funding to create and maintain a sustainable garden. The San Antonio Beautification Society made that wish come true with a $1000 grant to fund the project.

Fourth grade students, with the help of Mrs. Weaver, teamed up to present their project plan to the Beautification Society. They designed a model to show their plans for the garden beds and made a presentation to Eric Meyer of the SA Beautification Society. Now that the grant has been received, students will finish the garden design, plant, and prepare for a harvest!

Our new garden will serve as a meaningful tool for integrating hands-on science into the classroom by providing an authentic learning experiences for all our students in the elementary. Students will have hands-on experience in the garden from laying out the garden, sustaining the garden, harvesting within the school year, and exploring cooking methods in the Cooking Lab. This outdoor learning classroom will connect students to the natural world by learning to garden with the Master gardener.

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