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Parent Lecture Series | August 17th

Since the beginning in 1972, SACS has endeavored to provide the “best of both worlds” as a boldly Christian and unquestionably academic school community. Our mission is to partner with families to provide students a Christ-centered education while fostering a life of faith and service. It is our desire to associate with like-minded teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and students to communicate the School’s Christian message to the world and train the next generation of Christian leaders.

SACS is the distinct choice among all other schools because of our commitment to the essentials: 1) The Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God as central and taught as truth (everything true in this world has its origin in God – all truth is God’s truth), 2) therefore, every element of the curriculum is permeated with the truth of God’s Word (biblical integration), 3) all employees – Administration, Faculty, and Staff – are Christians, and 4) every learning experience aims to engage students toward their full potential in Christ. Our aspiration is for every school practice to be biblically informed.

But if I could harp on point two, biblical integration, for a moment. This is the primary instructional methodology and way of thinking that sets a Christian School education apart from all other schooling. A school cannot claim the education they are providing is a Christian education unless true, biblical integration is being practiced in the classroom. No public school (charter, magnet, or otherwise), no secularized private school, nor even the large majority of schools identifying as “Christian” or “Christian friendly” practice the discipline of biblical integration.

The board and administration of SACS are committed to continually equipping our faculty and are bringing Dr. Milt Uecker back for in-service on August 17th. This expert in the field will be conducting a full day of instruction with our faculty helping them develop their understanding of the exact nature and forms of integration, along with a variety of strategies that model and facilitate integrated thinking. This includes worldview integration, the integration of a discipline and its concepts, character integration, and the use of critical thinking as both a type and means of integration.

Parents, you will not want to miss the special evening presentation Dr. Milt Uecker will be making at the Student Life Center, Monday, August 17th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. We want you to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at what the faculty is learning during in-service and what it is that truly makes SACS the best of both worlds – boldly Christian; unquestionably academic – and the best investment you could possibly make in the educational preparation of your children to equip them for life.



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