In November 2016, eighteen (18) SACS middle school students competed in computation and reasoning categories at the DISTRICT ACSI Math Olympics. The South Texas District Region ranked the scores of all participants and recognized 1st -5th place winners by presenting Superior, Excellent, and Good ribbons in each category. Students who scored in the top range of the entire six-state region during the DISTRICT ACSI Math Olympics will advance to the AREA ACSI Math Olympics Meet. SACS is excited to announce that fourteen (14) of our middle school students qualified to compete in this upcoming event which will be held at Northwest Hills Christian School on February 17, 2017.

The following SACS Middle School Students who participated in the DISTRICT ACSI Math Olympics Meet, along with their awards, are listed below:
Emily Dunn-6th        Excellent   4th place*
Kyle Chong-6th         Excellent   5th place*
Austin Glander-6th     Excellent*
Camarin Wengler-7th   Excellent*
Micah Yates-7th        Excellent*
Bryce Brisco-7th        Excellent
Katie Chong-8th        Excellent   3rd place*
Luke Liles-8th          Excellent
Rebecca Rebmann-8th   Excellent

Nathan Crawford-6th    Superior   1st place*
Matthew McCrory-6th    Superior   2nd place*
Collin Schlepp-6th       Superior   2nd place*
David Caivano-7th       Superior   1st place*
Cooper Darnold-7th      Excellent   2nd place*
James Pittard-7th        Excellent   5th place*
Baer Heck-8th           Excellent   3rd place*
Erica Kambiss-8th       Excellent   5th place*
Kennedy Wilburn-8th    Good
* indicates student is advancing to AREA ACSI Math Olympics

San Antonio Christian School is an accredited member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), South-Central Region. This six-state region coordinates district, area, regional, and national student activities for its member schools.

SACS Middle School Team at ACSI District Math Olympics

SACS Middle School Students Advancing to

SACS 6th Grade Team at ACSI District Math Olympics
Left to right: Emily Dunn, Collin Schlepp, Nathan Crawford, Austin Glander,
Matt McCrory, and Kyle Chong.

SACS 7th Grade Team at ACSI District Math Olympics
Left to right: Camarin Wengler, David Caivano, James Pittard, Bryce Brisco, Cooper
Darnold, and Micah Yates.

SACS 8th Grade Team at ACSI District Math Olympics
Left to right: Kennedy Wilburn, Erica Kambiss, Rebecca Rebmann, Katie Chong,
Luke Liles, and Baer Heck.

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