Fall Sports

  • Football (Boys): JV & Varsity
  • Volleyball (Girls): Freshman, JV & Varsity
  • Cross Country (Co-Ed): JV & Varsity
  • Cheerleading (Girls): Varsity, spirit/competition

Winter Sports

  • Basketball (Boys & Girls): Freshman, JV & Varsity
  • Soccer (Boys & Girls): JV& Varsity
  • Wrestling (Boys): Varsity
  • Swimming (Co-Ed): Varsity
  • Cheerleading (Girls): Varsity, spirit/competition

Spring Sports

  • Baseball (Boys): JV & Varsity
  • Golf (Co-Ed): Varsity
  • Softball (Girls): Varsity
  • Tennis (Co-Ed): Varsity
  • Track (Co-Ed): JV & Varsity
Coaching Staff


Head Coach: Henry Ellard

Cross Country (boys)

Head Coach: Kenny Dirkson

Cross Country (girls)

Head Coach: Melissa Jones


Head Coach: Kristie Valdes

Volleyball (Girls)

Head Coach: Robin Gerlich

Basketball (Boys)

Head Coach: John Valenzuela

Basketball (Girls)

Head Coach: Brian Hannas

Soccer (Boys)

Head Coach: Robin Rapp

Soccer (Girls)

Head Coach: Edward Estrada


Head Coach: Mark Saroni


Head Coach: Mark Clayton


Head Coach: Mike Kripner


Head Coach: Jill Barranco

Golf (boys)

Head Coach: John Kimbell

Golf (girls)

Head Coach: Jordan Ebner


Head Coach: Ryan Takao


Head Coach: Jesse Solano

To inquire about High School Athletics

please call the Athletic Office
(210) 248-1650



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