SACS Elementary Students Bring Home Ribbons from Speech Meet.

SACS Elementary Lions participated recently at the ACSI Speech Meet. The objective of the Speech Meet is to encourage effective speech in an audience situation. This also helps students develop techniques to speak audibly, articulately, expressively, and with poise and confidence. The ultimate goal is for them to develop communication skills that will contribute to effective leadership in Christian activities.

Our 1st – 5th grade students demonstrated their abilities by delivering a memorized poem, speech, or Bible passage. Students do not compete against one another; rather, they are judged against an established set of criteria.

We are so proud of our Lions! We received 11 Blue Ribbons, 13 Red Ribbons and 1 White Ribbon.  It’s exciting that 5 of our students scored in the very highest level of their category.  Congratulations to every SACS Elementary Lion who participated!

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First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

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