Athletics is a vital part of our campus life.  The SACS Lions are committed to playing in a way that honors God – with intensity, passion and sportsmanship. Our athletes train every day to be successful, both in life and in the athletic arena.  Each year, many of our athletes move on to play intercollegiate athletics. While there, they succeed in the classroom, on the field and by making a positive contribution to the campus life of the university they choose to attend. I invite you to “Join the Pride” and be a part of all that SACS athletics has to offer.


SACS is committed to an athletic program that first and foremost builds Christian character.  Character that not only shows itself worthy of Christ when tested in competition, but character that shows itself worthy of Christ when tested in life.

Competitive athletics by nature creates an environment that is physically, emotionally and personally demanding. Our prayer is that all of our student-athletes learn the following from their athletic involvement at SACS:

  • God defines success and failure differently than the world
  • Success is achieved with an unwavering commitment to Godly character
  • Attitude impacts success in all aspects of life
  • A Godly life requires accountability and responsibility
  • A Godly life requires selflessness
  • God is ultimately in control
  • Little in life is accomplished without perseverance
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