2018-2019 Annual Report


“For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever.”
Romans 11:36

As we close another blessed season of giving, prayer and support for San Antonio Christian School, we can celebrate God’s love, provision and purpose.

The success of our school is possible through prayerful donations to the Annual Fund, SACS Foundation and Booster Clubs. Your generous giving to these entities allows our school to go Above & Beyond that which tuition covers.

As you read through this Annual Giving Report, the excellence of SACS is evident in all areas of academia, athletic competition, fine arts and spiritual growth. None of the enhancements to the total SACS student experience are possible without your financial support.

Thank you for your love, prayer and giving to SACS. Our school exists because of who you are and is blessed because of who He is. I’m so proud to be part of a school that raises the name of Jesus above all others.

Dave Youngdale
Chairman, Development Committee

Annual Fund Support Makes These Blessings Possible

A family foundation grant funded engineering studies for a proposed new facility to house the rapidly growing SACS 4H program


Elementary students J.R. Hill and Tabitha Baine hold chickens raised in the new SACS 4H poultry pen.

Middle School students are introduced to meteorology, aerodynamics and aviation safety in drone technology class

Former military and air life pilot Calvin Tyner teaches students how to operate drone technology legally and safely.

Refurbished gym bleachers facilitate all-school assemblies and athletic events for SACS students and the San Antonio community

A  youth delegation from China hosted by the San Antonio Spurs performs a traditional dance before a SACS student assembly.

Recently cleared land on the North side of campus makes room for host of additional student activities


Freshman Connor Schmitt and his cross-country coach Kenny Dirkson review a running course Connor hopes to complete as an Eagle Scout project.

Facility enhancements throughout the campus improve student safety and protect significant investments from accidental destruction


Two-ton decorative concrete blocks preserve facilities and provide safety for students participating in activities on the track and football field.



Newly planted trees and two-year-old sunscreens provide shade for elementary school playground activities.

Families wishing to receive the benefits of a Christian school education are provided tuition assistance based upon financial need

History teacher Aaron Marcarelli credits tuition assistance and his daughter’s Christian school education with saving her life.

For the first time, former families and alumni were asked to participate in the Above & Beyond Annual Fund Campaign


SACS graduate and Washington, D.C. Episcopal School chaplain Tim Kennedy has provided an annual gift to his alma mater every year since 1998.

SACS Foundation passes significant milestones

San Antonio Christian School Foundation manages endownments and other long-term gifts for the benefit of SACS programs and facilities


Former SACS Superintendent Alan Axtell and his wife Jean recently became the first to make a planned gift to the Superintendent’s Scholars tuition assistance program.

Recently established Superintendent's Scholars Program allows SACS to partner with a growing number of families to provide a Christ-centered education

Emcee Andy Everett interviews SACS founding father Dr. Mal Lancaster and graduate Corey Robinson at “An Evening with Lions Legacies”, the Foundation’s first-ever fundraiser to support tuition assistance and teacher retention.

The new SACS Foundation Faculty Chair Program allows SACS to retain and reward its most successful faculty members


Former SACS parent Pat Frost established the Frost Faculty Chair, the Foundation’s first endowment designed to reward renowned classroom teachers.

Booster Clubs Provide Additional Resources

The recently renamed LionBackers Booster Club provides financial and moral support to SACS athletes and coaches on more than 70 Middle School and High School Teams


Parades down Champions Way became more frequent as the Lions won five TAPPS State Championships and captured their second straight Henderson Cup.

SACS 4-H Booster Club helps develop Christian character and integrity by providing hands-on projects in Health, Science, Agriculture and Citizenship


Recently purchased archery equipment allows freshman Bozlie Heck to perfect her skills in weekly practice sessions sponsored by the SACS 4-H.

Fostering Lives of Service


Cancer survivor Carson Riley and her SACS team partnered with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to raise nearly $80,000 for cancer research.

SACS partners with families to provide students a Christ-centered education while fostering lives of faith and service

Demonstrating their faith and service to others, SACS students and families routinely gather to offer prayer and assistance to those in need


The cry War Lion rang throughout Homecoming week as the SACS family made sure hospitalized sophomore Grayson Russell was in their prayers and celebrations.

2018-2019 SACS Giving Totals

  • Annual Fund
  • Foundation
  • Booster Clubs

Annual Fund ................................ $555,932

Foundation .................................. $123,900

Booster Clubs .............................. $176,504

LionBackers Club  –  4H Booster Club


Thank you SACS family!

Your Gifts Bless SACS Students – Thank You!

Mr. and Mrs. Idris Abdul-Ahad Mr. and Mrs. Matt Erbaugh Mr. ad Mrs. Justin Mansfield Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Rola
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Abraham Mrs. Shawna Joyce Eudy Mr. and Mrs. Terence Martey Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Ross
Mr. and Mrs. John Ahlert Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bentley Evans Mr. and Mrs. Drew McCrory Mr. and Mrs. Rollins S. Rubsamen, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Albrecht Dr. and Mrs. Michael Farrell Ms. Valerie McDonald  Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Rule
Mr. and Mrs. William Allan, IV Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ferguson IV Mr. and Mrs. Jon McDowell Drs. Stephen and Melissa Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Court Allen Mr. and Mrs. Robin Fitzgerald Dr. and Mrs. Matthew McGlothlin Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ruvalcaba
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Allison  Mr. and Mrs. Scott Foley Mr. and Mrs. Nathan McKinley Mr. and Mrs. Blane Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Keith Galloway Mr. and Mrs. Darren McMaster Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien Satcher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arguello Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Galloway Mr. and Mrs. Dan Meisenheimer Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schield
Drs. Esteban and Rachel Arredondo Mr. and Mrs. Candido Garcia, III Dr. and Mrs. Fernando Membreno Dr. Lindsey Schlepp 
Dr. and Mrs. Thad Astilla Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Merfeld Mr. and Mrs. Justin Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bailiff Dr. Shannon Geddes Mr. and Mrs. Monty Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schuetze
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Baine Mr. and Mrs. Jay Ghormley Mr. and Mrs. Eric Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Settles
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Barth Mr. and Mrs. Troy Glander Mr. and Mrs. Todd Miller Dr. and Mrs. Aubrey Sheats
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Barton  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Glover  Mr. and Mrs. Brent Millican Ms. and Mrs. Trey Siebert
Ms. Trish Bauerle Mr. and Mrs. Jose Gonzales  Mr. and Mrs. Morris Moore Mr. and Mrs. Erik Simpson
Mr. Carlos Benavides Mr. and Mrs. David Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Trey Moore Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Bend Dr. and Mrs. Michael Guirl Ms. Amy Moreno Dr. and Mrs. Royce Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bergeron Mr. and Mrs. Cory Hall Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bibb Rev. and Mrs. Brian Hannas Mr. and Mrs. Adam Moriarty Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Sutcliffe
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Binz Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hantz, IV Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Moss Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Sutto
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Blagg Dr. and Mrs. Brandon Harrell ’96 Mr. and Mrs. John Nellor Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Takao
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Blair Mr. and Mrs. William Harrell Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nelson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Teague, IV
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Blalock Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Harrison Mr. Garrett Neuman Mr. and Mrs. William Thomann
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bowling Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hatcher Mr. and Mrs. Rob Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Greg Thompson
Ms. Robin Brame Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hausman Mr. and Mrs. David Nicoll Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Tidwell
Mr and Mrs. Brad Bright  Mrs. Julie E. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Norris Mr. and Mrs. Scott Tompkins
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Brown Mr. and Mrs. Jay Heck Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Novak ’00 Mr and Mrs. Jesse Travis 
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Buffington Mr. and Mrs. Mark Heinsohn Mr. Michael and Dr. Sandra Oakes Mr. and Mrs. Robert Traylor
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Burk Mr. and Mrs. Trey Hellums Mr. and Mrs. Jason O’Dell Mr. and Mrs. Brian Trevino
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Caivano Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hicks Mr. Jason and Dr. Julie Odette Dr. George Trevino and Mrs. Kim Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Camilo Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hilliard Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Odom Mr. and Mrs. JJ Trevino
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hines Mr. and Mrs. David Oglesby Mr. and Mrs. Chris Troyer
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Caroselli Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Hodges Mr. Jeff Oliver  Mr. and Mrs. Sutton Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Will Carter Mr. and Mrs. Wortham Hart Hoover Mr. and Mrs. James C. Oquin Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Valadez
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Cheney Mrs. SuEllen Hotchkiss Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Osorio Mr. and Mrs. David Vela
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Wayne Childress Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Omar Ozuna Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vickers
Dr. and Mrs. Chol Chong Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hutson Mr. and Mrs. Luke Parish Ms. Debra Wallace
Drs. Edward Yi and Hyun Joo Chung Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paul Mr. and Mrs. James Weaver
Ms. Katherine Church Mrs. Jillian Hughes Ms. Petra Pearce Mr. and Mrs. Tom Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Churchwell Col. And Mrs. Peter Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Damon Perrin Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Welch
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Clink Mr. and Mrs. James Jedrziewski Mr. and Mrs. Mike Porter Mr. and Mrs. John Wengler
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Clinkscales  Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Jeffreys Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Powell Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Weyman
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Reid Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Richard Powell Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Whaley
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Cook Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joergensen  Mr. Michael Prado and Dr. Isabel Basaldu-Prado Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wiedenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. George Covin Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Pritz Mr. and Mrs. Rob Wilburn
Drs. Kyle and Lori Crowley Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James Raymond Mr. and Mrs. David Wilcox
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Danaher  Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James Robert Rath ’97 Dr. and Mrs. Fred Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Dase Dr. and Mrs. Scott Kambiss Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rebmann Mr. and Mrs. Lee Willis
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Davis Dr. and Mrs. Dejan Kohut Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reisberg Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Peter DeYoung Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Leal Ms. Lisa Reston Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Winship
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dirago Mr. and Mrs. Neal Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Adam Reyes Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Womack
Mr. Charles and Dr. Maggie Dou Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Richnow Ms. Heather Woodall
Mr. and Mrs Rick Duey Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Loftus Mr. Cheston Riley and Dr. Michell Mudge-Riley Mr. and Mrs. William McDonough Worth
Mr. and Mrs. John Charles Dulske Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Zackery Lo Mr. and Mrs. Jared Roan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yennerell
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Lyon Mr. and Mrs. Isaias Rodriguez Mr. David Youngdale
Ms. Michelle D’Uva Mr. and Mrs. Joe Macias Mr. and Mrs. Rene Rodriguez Dr. and Mrs. Fernando Zaragoza
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Eckert Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mandl Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Rodriguez 


Mr. and Mrs. Ken Andrews Mr. and Mrs. James Gault Mrs. Linda Miller Mr. and Mrs. Steven Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John Benke Mrs. Lorna Hall Ms. Roberta Milligan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sponhaltz
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Blakey Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harper Mr. Bob Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sutcliffe
Mr. and Mrs. Ric Bravo Mr. Donald Harrell Mrs. Kathleen O’Brien Ms. Zada Courage
Ms. Tamarrow Brown Ms. Mary Elizabeth Hemphill Ms. Renee Ojeda Mr. and Mrs. Rick Thiesen
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Clayton Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hilliard Ms. Annie Pettit Mr. Jay P. Thomas
Mrs. Judith Cline Mr. Steve Holliday Mr. John Rodden Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vasquez
Mrs. Frances Coffey Mr. and Mrs. David Horne Mr. and Mrs. David Rosales Mr. and Mrs. Feliciano Vasquez 
Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Espinoza Mr. and Mrs. Grady Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ross Mr. Robert Vela
Mr. Stan Estes Ms. Fidela Elda Kammer Mr. and Mrs. Rollins Rubsamen, Sr. Mrs. Marie Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Faulkner Mr. Timothy Kennedy Mrs. Virgina Rule Mr. and Mrs. John Wengler
Mrs. Tommie Fitzgerald  Mr. and Mrs. William Latham  Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. Fred Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fuller Mrs. Carolyn Lewis Mrs. Betty Jo Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jose’ Zambrana
Ms. Nancy Malach Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith
Mrs. Stephanie Aaron Mr. Paul Gass Mrs. Darla Mastrovich  Mrs. Mylia Roan
Mrs. Judy Abell Mrs. Rebecca Gatlin Mr. Ryan McCall Mr. Jared Roan
Mrs. Lydia Adams Mrs. Heather Gentry Mrs. Lisa McCray Ms. Elizabeth Rockwell
Mrs. Brenda Aguillon Ms. Robin Gerlich Mr. Steven McCray Mrs. Karen Ruvalcaba
Mrs. Jacque Albrecht Mrs. Mary Gonzales  Ms. Leslie Merrell Mr. O’Brien Satcher
Mrs. Norma Anderson Mr. Barrett Green Mrs. Amy Miller Mrs. Yannick Scarff
Mrs. Angie Astilla Mrs. Cailey Green Mr. Matthew Miller Dr. Aubrey Sheats
Mrs. Cristina Bailiff Mrs. Peggy Gresham Ms. Christy Mitchell ’91 Mrs. Catherine Sheats 
Mrs. Jill Barranco Ms. Patti Grossman Mrs. Tina Moncrief Ms. Marina Shields
Mr. Seth Bartley Mrs. Debbie Hannas Mrs. Alysha Sarimento Mrs. Brenda Slatton
Mrs. Krista Bellomy Mrs. Alice Harrell Mrs. Denise Moore Mrs. Holly Smith 
Mrs. Marguerite Bozeman Mrs. Linda Herrera Mrs. Kelly Morlan Mrs. Tracy Smith
Mr. Jason Buck Mrs. Terry Hind Mrs. Monica Moss Mr. Jesse Solano
Mrs. Rachel Buck Mrs. Jennifer Hodges Mrs. Claudette Nichols Mr. Jordan Sugg
Mrs. Karen Burrows Mr. David Hoeft Mrs. Rebecca O’Dell Mr. Rusty Sugg
Mrs. Martha Carroll Mrs. Joy Hoeft Ms. Sarah Osment Mrs. Jan Taylor 
Mrs. Lisa Castaneda Mrs. Suellen Hotchkiss Mrs. Kimberlie Osorio Mrs. Luz Thomann
Mr. Paul Cooper Ms. Sandi Hullum Mr. Brad Parrott Ms. Sonia Trujillo
Mrs. Miriam Corbin  Mrs. Amanda Hutson Mr. Brandon Parrott Mrs. Marci Turner 
Ms. Linda Cowan Mrs. Ocia Brinkman Jeffries Ms. Petra Pearce  Mr. Calvin Tyner
Mr. James Criner Mrs. Sharon Jeffreys Mrs. Sarah Pelletier Mrs. Kristie Valdes
Mrs. Monica Dase Mr. Kyle Johnson Mrs. Sue Perry Ms. Alissa Varga 
Ms. Andrea Deaton Mrs. Michele Johnson Mr. Adam Phillips Dr. William R. “Jake” Walters
Mr. Matt Erbaugh  Ms. Jennifer Letzerich Mrs. Miriam Ponton Mr. Adam Weyand
Dr. Thomas Erbaugh  Ms. Susan Knighten Mrs. Sue Potter Ms. Deanna Wilkes
Mr. David Eskridge Mrs. Lenora Kreitz Mrs. Katie Pritz Mrs. Cheryl Womack
Mrs. Cynthia Flores Mrs. Carol Kripner Mrs. Sharon Quehl  Mrs. Susan Yennerell
Mr. Christopher Foley Mrs. Kim Lewis Mr. Robin Rapp Mrs. Selina Weaver
Mrs. Liz Frame Mrs. Andrea Love Mrs. Maggie Rath
Mrs. Vicki Frenchmeyer Mrs. Nicole Mansfield Mrs. Cindy Rebmann
Mrs. Carmen Garcia Mr. Aaron Marcarelli Mrs. Jacqueline Renteria 
Mrs. Julia Garza Mrs. Jennifer Martinez Ms. Shiela Richards
Mr. Jack Gaskins Mrs. Dawn Meisenheimer Ms. Robin Rosen
Mrs. Emma Giles Mrs. Brittany Merfeld Mrs. Andrea Sanders 
Mr. and Mrs. John Ames Mrs. Julie Hawkins Mr. Lucas Novak ’00 Mr. Robert Tamez
Ms. Deborah Baker Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Keith Mr. and Mrs. James Robert Rath ’97 Mr. Max Walters 
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dirago Mrs. Faith Kennedy ’00 Mr. and Mrs. James Scarff
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hantz Mr. and Mrs. Marshall McCrea Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Schneider
Dr. and Mrs. Brandon Harrell ’96 Ms. Christy Mitchell ’91 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnson, Chairman Mr. and Mrs. Court Allen Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Lyon Mr. and Mrs. Trey Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Blair, Vice-Chairman Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Carter Mr. and Mrs. Jon McDowell Mr. and Mrs. JJ Trevino
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Caivano Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Lancaster Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Nelson Dr. and Mrs. Bill Walton
Dr. and Mrs. Danny Earl
AMCORP Divine Health Center Mathis Consulting Services, Inc. Waterstone Client Services
Ching Healthcare Institute Great American Opportunities PepsiCo Foodservice
AbbVie Benevity Morgan Stanley Wells Fargo 
Bank of America Deluxe Corporation
Andeavor Foundation Inc.  Dixie Starnes Wenger Foundation Frost Charitable Foundation USAA Community Affairs 
CJDA Foundation Robert P. and Mariana Scripps Family Foundation, Inc. 

Dr. Jake Walters, Superintendent


2018-2019 SACS Development Board

2018-2019 SACS Board of Directors
Bruce Johnson (Chairperson) Brandon Carter Trey Moore
Court Allen Steve Lyon JJ Trevino
Colin Blair Jon McDowell Dr. Jake Walters
2018-2019 SACS Foundation Board of Directors
JJ Trevino (Chairperson) Pat Frost Greg Thompson
Steve Bailey David McGee Lee Willis
Kevin Caivano Mark Oppelt Holly Youngquist
2018-2019 SACS Development Board
David Youngdale (Chairperson) Crystal Lozano Brad Parrott
Laura Bowling Angie Maldonado Jennifer Perrin
Chad Buffington Nicole Mansfield Mindy Smith
Dr. Danny Earl Steven McCray Tracy Smith
Dr. Stephen Harrison Amy Miller Judi Travis
Olivia Herrera Jillian Morgan Cheryl Womack
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